A Map is the grid-based area of play for Star Wars Miniatures.

After players agree on a point total and play format and build their squads, one of several play maps representing different locations of the Star Wars Universe is chosen and set up. The maps feature a one inch square grid overlay that indicates where characters can move, as well as being used to determine range and the ability to see a target. Different maps influence the game in different ways. For instance, the map included in the Revenge of the Sith Starter represents the interior of a battered starship, with small hallways and rubble-filled rooms, but is considered the only "huge-friendly" map as it is the only one where a huge character can travel from one starting area to the other. Currently, the official maps are:

All maps except for the 2 Hoth maps, Endor, and Korriban are allowed in sanctioned 100 and 150 point play. Starship, Invisible Hand, and Rancor Cave are the only legal maps in sanctioned 200 point games.

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