Elite clone trooper commander

Image of the Elite Clone Trooper Commander miniature figure

Star Wars Miniature figures are miniature 34mm scale models featuring Star Wars characters from the six Star Wars movies, as well as the Expanded Universe and from The Clone Wars. The miniatures are divided into ten different factions. They are the main element of the Star Wars Miniatures game. Miniatures are included in starter sets, booster packs and scenario packs.

Sizes Edit

       Main article: Base sizes

There are miniatures in five different sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Huge and Colossal.

Starship Battles Edit

       Main article: Starship Battles

The Starship Battles set involved miniatures from Star Wars starships engaging in Space Battle. Starships are divided into two factions: Light Side and Dark Side.

13 Wild Karrde

The Wild Karrde miniature

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